You’re autistic; you don’t understand emotions

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 2 Aug 2022

“You’re autistic; you don’t understand emotions.” 
This phrase can be hardly any more wrong. Maybe the assumption came because of the struggle of autistic people with fitting in and being socially clumsy. Still, being odd and sometimes responding to situations unexpectedly does not make autistic people mean and heartless. We can be a bit too honest at times, though many of us have mastered the skill of politeness and appropriateness. I would not laugh when hearing about your hamster that passed away. I will notice the stain on your shirt, but I will ignore it to the point that you believe I have not seen it. We express ourselves differently, but our feelings run deep. At times they are so strong that we have trouble distinguishing ours from yours, and we get overwhelmed.


Autism is not heartlessness. (Photo: Pexels) 




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