The Top 3 Motivational Tools That Even Your Grandma Used

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 18 Sep 2022

No apps or online tools. This is what truly matters.

I put a click-bait title, trying to slightly joke with (though not in an offensive way) many articles which provide valuable tips by using yet another magical tool that will organise your life and make you efficient, promising that it will motivate you to build new habits and change your life forever.

We all dream of a perfect life, one that flows smoothly, all the time. Such where we have the energy and motivation to fulfil even our wildest dreams and follow our perfect plans just as we imagine them.

Experience tells that many times that fails. Life puts up in the air most of the plans to achieve our goals.

What truly motivates us is much more profound.


The internet is full of motivational tools and tips. Do they actually work? (Picture: Unsplash)


If you realise that your health (or your loved ones’) is deteriorating, suddenly, priorities change. We stop and reconsider our steps. Sometimes health issues completely change the direction of our life. The hours in the office suddenly become worthless. The strive for professional success may cool down. Time spent in toxic relationship is avoided like the plague. Money becomes an instrument to try and resolve the health matter rather than an ultimate goal. Taking care of the ill person becomes the true priority. Sitting by their side, holding their hand, and speaking over the phone set the theme.

Likewise, the loss of eyesight or mobility is another life-changing moment which blows up many wishes and plans. It becomes necessary to learn how to live from scratch. Many find it insurmountable. Imagine being an athlete stuck forever in a wheel chair? How do you climb the mountains if you need assistance with everyday tasks?


Health is truly what matters the most. (Picture: Unsplash)


If a loved one passes away, the feeling of transientness and of life being just a small sliver of time takes over. Normally, we ignore the fact that we are mortal. Getting the reminder that nobody will be on Earth forever brings the fear of missing out. This is a good reminder to call your friends and just ask how they are doing. You might actively look for time to go visit a relative that you are close with.

In the face of death, little makes sense anymore. Our thoughts go back to cherished memories when we were having quality time with the lost person. We wish we could go back there. We regret that we cannot repeat those experiences. But it is too late.

Likewise, hearing about one’s imminent life ending in the matter of months is devastating news. Such a person wants to do as many things as they possibly can — mostly associated with the people they care for. Practical matters to ensure the best of future of loved ones become a priority. One’s legacy is more important than some small petty problems.


Human beings are mortal. Our time is limited, and it should not be wasted. (Picture: Unsplash)

Losing relationships

Romantic love or a relationship with a friend are more valuable than we realise. It is inevitable. We get used to their existence. It is the normal, just like your kitchen oven is always there until you replace it. And chances are, the new one will still be in the exact same position. Who cares really?

A relationship is not a piece of furniture. It is like a living thing — it needs attention. And most importantly, it has to be respected and valued. It is almost certain that you underestimate just how much the other person matters in your life. Have you thought about all the things they do for you? The sacrifices? The arrangements?


Do you spend enough time with your loved ones? (Picture: Unsplash)

To wrap up

Probably you got surprised by the content of this article. I know, me too, actually. Though, some recent occurrences in my life made me realise that when these truly important matters become the topic of the day, our mindset changes. Suddenly, time with loved ones becomes the most valuable thing in life.

Do you know what you truly value?

Do you spend enough time with the people you care about?

Are you sacrificing quality time with “quantity” time, i.e., such that brings material gains at the cost of time?

Sure, in many cases, money is a decisive factor in whether one can get the required treatment. Sadly, sometimes loss occurs due to the lack of capital. A world without material resources is impossible to sustain. Yet, the core values should not revolve around increasing it ever more at any cost.

Stop and ask yourself,

What truly motivates you the most?



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