The painful grip of mental health problems

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 29 Apr 2022

About half a year ago, I tried blogging and really enjoyed it. I started posting regularly, but other life factors were limiting my time. I never struggled to be creative. Even in my gloomiest times, I was able to come up with possible topics and titles to write about. The reason why I didn't write was not a lack of motivation. I had to stop doing what I wanted and enjoyed because it was too challenging for my mental strength.

A woman blogger typing on a laptop

Blogging is a popular side- or even full-time job. (Picture: Pexels, Pixabay)


I'm not asking for pity, but it certainly sounds like asking for an excuse. I want to remind every content creator that it is important to listen to their body. Mine has been screaming for a long time, asking for a break. I chose to ignore it and even got used to it. Now I am suffering the consequences. I knew that I was heading for a breakdown, but I chose to push on. Please, please do not do that! You cannot create content when you are struggling mentally. You are punishing yourself in vain if you try to move mountains when raising a pebble is an exhausting task.

A stack of rocks with a mountain in the background

A nice stack of rocks in a natural park. (Picture: Pexels, Nico Becker)

What can I do to prevent it?

Well, this is a good question. It is easy to say that taking a break will solve everything, but it may not be that simple. No. I don't think I would be where I am now if I had taken a break or slowed down. Doors opened before me that would have remained locked had I decided to take my breath. Maybe other opportunities would have arisen, and I might still be satisfied with myself. I do not know.

The long journey ahead

Recovery from mental health issues can take a long time. It is no different from weight loss. Problems tend to evolve over time, and they cannot just miraculously vanish.

What is your experience?

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Abstract digital artwork generated using Wombo Dream (Source: own work)

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