The monster in my head called migraine

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 5 Aug 2022

I have a monster in my head. It comes often and tells me what I'm allowed to do.

You probably think I need a psychiatrist, but my beast's name is migraine. 

I want to go out on a hot summer day. Sometimes it's fine, but my beast is afraid of the sun. When it's too bright outside, my beast wakes up and gets restless.

I made plans to go have a chat with my friend in the café. Fine but… my beast hates caffeine - in any form.

And speaking of drinks, my beast gets upset when hungry. Skipping meals is not allowed. Nibbling something sweet? Mmm, nice. But hopefully the treats don't cause a blood sugar crash or my beast gets absolutely mad.

Poor sleep? My beast absolutely hates it. Who can function properly when sleep-deprived anyway?



  Photo by Pixabay  



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