The dire lack of freedom to express yourself in social media

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 3 May 2022

Today's post was supposed to be different. In fact, I wrote it yesterday, so it was just waiting for the Publish button to be pressed over the several platforms that I have started sharing my thoughts on. Ironically, the title of my article is "Taking Control of Your Destiny: Overcoming External Obstacles in Life", where I was mentioning how the Western world swears by our freedom to be who we are.


Being silenced is a true infringement of our right for freedom. (Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels)

But. I woke up today, checked my email and I got a notification that my Pinterest account has been blocked. Okay, no big deal, I only recently opened it, and I have another one anyway, so nothing important is gone, except for one thing - freedom. I cannot tell if the reason to be blocked was the auto-posting tool that I use, though it is a Pinterest-certified one, not just some random code. It uses their official API.


A screenshot of the email message I received from Pinterest.

I suspect that the Pinterest algorithm noticed my titles which mention mental health and some include the words related to death. Here are some of the titles of the pins that were scheduled for today and tomorrow.

  • Perfectionism kills
  • The shadow of life - Canvas Print
  • The painful grip of mental health problems
  • A glass of poison - Canvas Print
  • Death - Canvas Print
  • The lottery of life

I followed the link to ask for a re-assessment, even though I am quite certain that the account is gone for good. I wonder if I were pinning articles related to suicide prevention, would I still be punished for mentioning forbidden words? Thankfully, we are all protected from dangerous matters online...

UPDATE: Pinterest actually reviewed and unlocked my account. This came as a big surprise!

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