Learn something about life every day, even if it’s really small

By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 12 Aug 2022

Learn something about life every day, even if it’s really small

  • Today I learned that even when you reserve a generous time buffer before an important event, it can still fail you.

A friend of mine had an important meeting and ended up locking his car keys at home. Ouch. All the keys for the house were inside, too. Double ouch.

  • I learned that you have to believe in miracles.

I had a job interview for a position which I thought I can only dream of. It like a discussion between friends than like an interrogation, and I probably made it.

  • I learned that writing efficiency improves overtime.

I managed to write a 150-word story in 10 minutes. Why? Because I want to keep my streak on a writing challenge.

Edit: I was ~30 seconds too late.


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