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By valo | Neurodivergent_AI | 11 Sep 2022

When everything feels overwhelming

Do you know the feeling when you just want to be alone and not disturbed by anything or anyone? There are plenty of nice and fun things out there but yet hiding in one’s nest feels the best option. For some people, avoiding others implies that you are offended, so you don’t want to speak to them. It’s hard to explain unless you have experienced it yourself.

I had one of those moments, and I just need to take a break. I hope it was just temporary. It has been great to write articles and nice communicating with members but somehow in the past few weeks, I have been feeling overwhelmed. But since this is not a personal blog to tell about my own life, I decided to make a Google search about this kind of experience. What I came across includes

  • having “me time”

  • social anxiety

  • depression


The wish to be invisible can mean many things, from perfectly normal to a sign of a personal crisis. (Photo: Unsplash)

Important “me time”

Having time for oneself is very important for one’s well-being. This is particularly true if you’re an introvert. I belong to that group, so I find it hard to relate to what extroverts experience when they are all on their own. But then again, I would imagine that nobody is a true introvert or a true extrovert. This is a scale and each one of us lies somewhere along it.

Many people in a relationship and especially parents believe that they have to give their all for the sake of family and ignore their personal needs. Deciding to go and do something alone without their spouse and/or children is equivalent to abandoning them and carries the stigma of selfishness… But is it really? Or, should I say, is that always the case?

I just cannot take it anymore

It might sound like an overstatement, but there are times when the world is feeling overwhelming. It becomes tiring to even think about socialization. For me personally, being around others causes inner tension because I want to ensure I am not acting weird. There are demands and social norms to meet. Sometimes there is too much sensory information to process or too many problems of other people that you absorb and start carrying on your shoulders. In these cases, it is worth stopping to catch your breath. Pushing against your needs is a recipe for disaster. 


“Overwhelmed” — an abstract digital artwork that I generated using the AI in the Wombo Dream app.

When being alone is the wrong strategy?

On other occasions, the desire to isolate from the world is actually a worrying signal. People with psychological issues, going through trauma or stress, for example, lose track and prefer to avoid situations that cause further pain. However, in those cases, this just exacerbates the problem. Loneliness increases and the problem starts weighing ever harder on the shoulders. If the issue is not addressed, it may even be lethal. Many call people committing suicide selfish when indeed, one reaching such a decision would be so miserable, sad and lonely that nothing makes sense anymore.

Feeling under the weather

Short winter days limit the number of outdoor activities one can do but there are alternative options. However, now it is summer, and there are plenty of opportunities to go out and enjoy nature at its best. Feeling under the weather can be a real issue for some, and they can experience an actual depression episode (seasonal affective disorder). No feeling of hopelessness should be ignored. It’s a trigger, a warning sign that the mind is struggling.



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