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By Nethrim | Nethrim's Workshop | 24 Mar 2022


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Note: This collection is a regular collectible collection (no game, staking, mining or play-to-earn).

Project Description

  Nethrim Design is the creation label behind the Nethrim's Workshop Project. We are a first of it's kind mining guild. Built to be adaptable and expand to multiple projects that provide a suitable mining experience. The project works by gamifying the mining experience to add crafting elements and reward systems for members of the guild. Outside users also benefit from collecting our NFT resources and selling them on the secondary markets. By collaborating with the projects we mine for, we make deals for added utility to the collection NFTs we craft through a proof-of-work process that bottlenecks the NFTs creation through the hard work of the miners.

Use of Funds

 Most NFT's in the collection are obtainable for free to miners of my lands.  The goal of the project is to be free to play, however it is not free to maintain so it must pay for itself.  The following lists the various ways funding for the project is collected and used.

  • Secondary Market Fee - The collection earns 5% to 15% of all NFTs minted by it when they sell on the secondary market.  The percentage is adjusted depending on the need to keep collection RAM funded. This is used for collection resources, WAX account RAM, and/or staked for collection platform upgrades.
  • Blend Currency - many NFT blends require "Workshop Tokens", the blend currency, as part of the ingredients. Members that hold the "Harvest Permit" can claim one for free each week.  Discounted drops of workshop tokens are available for Harvest Permit holders as well. Finally a drop of full priced tokens is available for everyone else.  All wax earnings from these go to pay for Neftyblock blending/drop ram.

Workshop Token

  • Keycards - Blended NFTs that offer utility in collaboration with other projects require an additional 'keycard" NFT for the final blend. The keycards are sold as drops to help pay collection costs and to purchase more utility for new NFT creations.  Occasionally these NFTs will be obtainable by mining for the project.


  • Resource Packs - Packs that offer a fun way to gain extra NFT crafting materials are available to purchase as drops.  Claims of these are limited to keep supply & demand in check and all funds earned from these sales go to pack minting resources and to raise funding for Neftyblock collection upgrades and other collaboration goals.


  • Characters - Limited mint "Character" NFTs are sold from time to time to help crowd-fund for specific funding goals.  Such as adding utility to collection NFTs, meeting staking requirements for collection/project enhancement or other project upgrades/enhancements.  The Character NFTs will offer some unique utility within the collection, for example, The Smuggler opens a cheap "at cost" claim of a resource pack each week.




White-listing(Harvest Permit)

   To become a whitelisted member of the Guild it is required to earn a "Harvest Permit".  Currently the only way to earn this is to dig 420 times within a week (Saturday to Friday) on any of the projects lands(Planets) in Galactic123.  As the project expands to other games/metaverses there may be other ways to earn this permit.  The Harvest Permit is not a NFT but is a NTT or Non-Transferable Token which simply means it cannot be traded or sold.  Once requirements are met a member is added to a whitelist and can claim this permit as a drop on the collections Neftyblocks account.  The Harvest Permit grants access to many special drops including a free Workshop Token(blend currency) weekly, and also discounted drops of the Workshop Token. 



Free to Play

  Anyone can mine on my lands/planets and win NFT's from my collection.  In turn these NFT's can be sold on secondary markets to earn some WAX.  However, non members will not be able to blend many of the NFTs in my collection without purchasing the "Workshop Tokens" required for most blends.  This way the secondary market is left open to those who simply want to liquidate their inventory for profits and not bother with learning the collection blends. 

Harvest Permits are free to earn by digging/mining for the project and yield one free Workshop Token blend currency each week.  Buying additional blend currency is optional.  Buying collection NFTs from secondary market is also optional and never required to achieve any blends.  The collection will never sell anything on the secondary markets, this is to foster a player/miner driven market economy.  Limited material NFT packs are sold as drops to help pay for collection costs/upgrades but the majority of all materials are to be generated through the mining process which is free to all participants. 

Cross Collaboration NFTs

  One of the goals of the project is to create NFT's with cross utility in the same games/projects we operate in.  We have accomplished this with the creation of the Improbability Compass and have plans for a second item currently in the works.  The idea is to have each NFT crafted from material NFTs acquired by the miners of the guild.  This way the miners have the opportunity to craft and sell these on secondary markets or keep them to enjoy the utility bonuses.  It is meant to simulate a manufacturing process which gives each NFT a sense of intrinsic, proof-of-work, value and puts the supply of the NFTs into the hands of miners.

The Improbability Compass adds

+1 ECX, +0.001 XYTE per dig. 

+1 AD point & +42 score per warp

Must have Galactic123 account and holding NFT in your wallet.

Stacks up to 12 NFTs max.





  Advertising/marketing will be limited to ad space on secondary market providers and whatever is provided by the projects we operate our guild in.  There is a twitter account for project related announcements, contests and new additions to the collection.  Also we may share announcements, new drops and other advertisements where allowed in Telegram and/or Discord groups that permit this sort of advertisement. 

Banner ADs for secondary market websites/dapps will only be used to advertise collection NFTs that hold utility in a collaborating projects.  Their primary purpose will be to drive sales in the secondary market and bring attention to the proof of work nature of the guilds crafting process. Banner ads may be crowdfunded through sales of limited NFTs, donations from collaborating projects and/or out of pocket by myself.  Before any funding is collected the AD will be finished and ready for placement and when all parties involved are satisfied with it's contents.

No shilling or advertisement will be done to build unnecessary hype.  It is my desire to grow this project slowly and organically.


  No website available at this time.  It is my desire and intention to create one in the future but is not currently on any timeline I can commit to.  We are all sailing uncharted waters in the growing web3 space and NFTs/cryptocurrencies are continuing to evolve so I anticipate the nature of websites may also change in the coming years.  With that said I don't want to waste too much time on web 2.0 website building and instead be open for new ways to bring a project community together, I'm keeping my eyes open for something with built in customizable smart-contracts to build the website on.    

Mining Operations

  Currently the project is set up in the This is our only active location to mine for material NFTs.

To participate in mining and join the project:

  • Create an account at Galactic123 HERE
  • Join the project Telegram group HERE
  • Check out this Guide to learn the basics of Galactic123 HERE
  • Register your wax address to your account HERE
  • Find one of my planet to start mining and earning NFTs by warping to Main: 1,42.  Other planets (2,42), (40,2), (3,40), (63,59).



  Because of the organic nature of this project there is no timeline with specific goals to meet.  As the project grows I will be driven in whatever direction best suites the current needs and wants of the community.  I'm simply an artist trying to make a name for myself and provide the hardest working residents of the growing metaverses with extra incentive to choose and support the growth of properties owned by the project.  The value of my art comes second to the hard work put into bringing it into existence by those working towards it.  I will continually adapt and grow with the project to create real value however possible.  I'm just as excited as everyone else involved to see what is possible in this new space and hope to continue this project far as I can take it.

Thanks for checking out my project! Feel free to DM on telegram or twitter with any questions.

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