Nerve – Importing ETH and Staking ETH

By NULS | Nerve | 12 Aug 2020


In this tutorial we will teach you how to import Ethereum and Stake on Nerve.Network

Let's start:

1) Use your browser’s security mode. (In Chrome, that is the “Incognito Window”.)
2) Go to Nerve Web Wallet:
3) Create a Nerve account or import your Nerve account.



4) Navigate to the “ Account ” tab . Your screen will look something like this:



5) Click where it says “Cross Into” on the ETH summary line.



6) You will see the summary of your ETH account affiliated with your Nerve account. If this is the first time, then your ETH account is newly created. Notice your account balance. Notice you can copy your ETH account. In this example, your ETH account is 0x8F9fA20175C0a86E24013F3f0CA30477F5058CcB.



7) Go to your ETH wallet and transfer the ETH to your NERVE ETH account.
Wait a few minutes, or refresh until the ETH shows up. If you refresh, you may need to re-display
your ETH account by selecting “Cross into”, as in step 5.
When your ETH is available your Nerve-ETH wallet will look like this. Notice, your ETH balance is



8) Then, select “All” or enter an amount of ETH that you want available in your Nerve account.
Select “Confirm cross-chain transaction ”. If you want to speed up, click on
The “Speed up ” check box . (I recommend you do not use this feature until you have done a few
cross-chain transactions, and have an idea of how long it takes.)



9) Select “Confirm” to confirm the cross-transfer details. After you confirm, you will be prompted for
your Nerve account password.



9.1) Your Eth is listed as an asset for your Nerve account.



10) Select “Stake”.



10) Select “Stake for Reward”. Your options are Asset type, Duration you want to lock in your asset and Amount.





If you select “Current” for your duration, you will receive the least reward, however, you will be able to exit the staking at any time. Regardless of the duration selected, the tool tells you the minimum staking amount for your asset, and the maximum amount you have to stake. The tool also tells you your rewards earned. (Notice your rewards earned are based upon a time period.)



Enter your staking information. The amount you provide needs to meet or exceed the minimum staking amount specified. Select “Confirm”. You will be prompted for your password.

Congratulations! You are staked.

This tutorial was written by: Kathy Norman

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