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Publish0x did it again

By nerdtopiade | Nerdtopiade | 20 Aug 2020


Hi my little Squadis ,

You may wonder what did Publish0x did again ? Well they removed a Coin this Time DAI!


I wondered why this happens and hoped to find an announcement on Publish0x itself or on twitter, facebook, reddit.

Nothing, absolutely nothing to find.

The first time i noticed that a token was removed, I didn't think anything of it because Hydro was removed, a token that is traded almost nowhere. But now DAI removed has become a popular stable coin!


Only 4 months long you could earn Dai here. Does not understand me wrong getting Etherum for my Dai I do not find bad, but on the other side such a thing  do not strengthens the trust in a platform.

While looking through my Affilate Stats I noticed that another token was removed. I think Bounty0x was the own token of Publish0x but I'm not sure because I never got one.9f1b4024917b1a3ce7fd8c2cd5abe305298e5dc6138729107f3a97767ce19741.jpeg

So why were 3 tokens removed from Publish0X since January 2020 ? As long as there is no official statement you can only speculate.

With Dai, I simply assume that the platform itself no longer has enough Dai to pay it off. If this is so how long will the Etherum or BAT stock last ?

With Hydro and Bounty0x the value and acceptance was simply too low and therefore they were taken out of the program I guess.

Do you have more information why DAI or another token was removed ?Are you also concerned that a Stable Coin was simply removed without notice ? Maybe I'm just a weirdo?  Please leave a comment.


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