Welcome to the Birdcage (NFT, P2E, staking, and ... a lot of fun)

By NeoTokyoUnicorn | Neo Tokyo Unicorn | 10 Mar 2022

Flappyz, the iconic smartphone game, has been ported on the blockchain by Paper Soap Studios.

Flappyz is the famous Java game where you control a funny bird trying to bounce between pipes, avoiding to collide with them. It's a game as simple as entertaining and addictive, and it's no surprise that its cute characters would have been suited to a porting to the NFT world.

And the passage has been made in great style: Paper Soap Studio has realized a full backend on blockchain, a nice and easy to use APP, with staking, and a lot of things to come. But, let's proceed with order.

What is Flappyz

The Flapp Offs

Having being ported on blockchain, Flappyz offers a native Play 2 Earn function. A fun community is build around the game, and you can access it on the official Discord, where regular tournaments are organized, with prizes in NFTs or cryptovalues.

How to get a Flappyz

Magic Eden, one of the most important NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain, offers a secondary market where you can buy Flappyz or place offers on them. Buying a Flappyz is easy: just connect your Phantom wallet to Magic Eden, recharge a little quantity of SOL (at the time of writing this article the floor is around 0.5 SOL) and the Flappyz is yours.

flappyz nFT magic eden solana

When you own a Flappyz, you can download the APP for Android or IOS, and play the game, joining a tournament, or trying in solo mode to conquer the leaderboard. Being positioned in the leaderboard entitles you to win prizes and riffles.

flappyz app android ios


If you buy a first generation Flappyz (an NFT with the ID less than 1000), you can also access the staking function. Staking happens placing your bird in the birdcage, which entitles you with a regular amount ot the coin FLPZ every week. 

flappyz birdcage staking


Compared to other P2E projects around, Flappyz offers a really low entry barrier, thank to its low floor and the easy of use of the game, which doesn't require study of complicated strategies or rules. The game is very well suited both for the causal gamer and the passionate blockchain grinder. In fact, you can take it easy, and play whenever you like to, or have a more aggressive mindset, and aim for the top spot of the leaderboard.

In conclusion, Flappyz is a fun experience, which offers interesting tournament events and also a chance of long time revenue thanks to its staking feature.

This is not financial advising. Teh author is invested in the assets quoted in the article.

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