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Rebirth of the Arcane

By NeoTokyoUnicorn | Neo Tokyo Unicorn | 28 Mar 2022

I was born in Newacre, a modest village of the continent Andra. I remember my childhood as a happy period, full of warmness and joy. My family was not rich, but happiness flooded our days. My father and my mother loved each other, even if my father worked hard every day, but when he returned home, he always found some time to play with me o to gift us with a smile. 


Our life was happy, but my father was always saying that he was poor. So, when the industry started spreading with its technological progress and wealth, he found a new job. The comfort of our life got better, and we could afford better foods and suites, but the new job was changing my father's soul. He began to talk less and less, and become stubborn. He was often melancholic, while I always saw him happy and full of faith in our future. He and my mother sometimes were arguing, and some night my father didn't sleep at home.
Everything was changing: not only my family, but also the world in which we lived.


One day, my father was in a terrible state. He was pale, and his face was scary, with an expression I will never forget. He and my mother had another violent arguing, and he fainted and collapsed on the ground. My mother started crying and embraced him, but it was too late. My father was using drugs to overcome the terrible stress caused by the new work, the same work he had started to give me a brighter future. I started crying and escaped from my home. I run through the streets of the city without knowing where to go. The only thing I know was that I was full of hate and I seeked revenge. The only thing I knew was that my father worked for the House of Caspari. I didn't know much about the story of my land, but I considered them responsible for my father's fate.

Guild Saga Arcane

I promised to my self that I would have learnt the art of the black magic to avenge my father. I devoted my self to a terrible training and learnt the hard discipline to become an Arcane warlock. My skills were more powerful day after day, but my soul was drying, and darkness was engulfing my hearth. I was losing every grasp of reality and falling deeper and deeper into a void desolation. I thought I was lost, until a day I made an encounter with a person. He was older than me, even if of and undefinible age. We spoke together and he was able to read in my my soul.

Guild Saga square 

"I see your soul is full of hatred" he said to me, at a certain point of our conversation. 

"Purpose of my life is seeking of revenge and destruction" I answered.

He just touched my shoulder with his hand. I felt and incredible fluid flowing into my soul, as a medicine that was healing wounds I hided in myself for years.

"Revenge is useless" he answerd, speaking gently "Purpose is to be searched in collaboration and balance. This is the only way to achieve accomplishment."

"I don't even remember the meaning of such words" I answered.

"But you walked the road of anger and desolation. And you know well the meaning of that pain and sufference."

"Yes" I whispered, lowering my eyes.

"So, let me show you a path you haven't yet tried" he said. "If you want, I can make you walk on the path of the guild."

"The... guild?" I asked, full of doubt.


"You have not to believe blindly my words. You have to believe your hearth, and inside of you, you are seeking for truth and love, not for destruction and desolation."

"I want the people who destroyed my father's life to get the punishment they deserve."

"You will" he answered calmly. "But not in the way you are trying now. That is not a path leading to fulfillment. The guild will teach you how to recover yourself and your hopes."

I raised my head. 

"You need to rest now" he said. "Your path is still long."

For the first time, I raised my eyes to the sky and breath the fresh air of our overworld.

So, I joined the Societatem Adventurer guild. I don't know where I will be heading, but I remember where I came from, and the darkness in which I don't want to fall anymore. I promise it. For my beloved family: my father, my mother... and my guild.


"Rebirth of the arcane" is a short novel written for the "Guild Lore writing contest" of Guild Saga. Guild Saga is a P2E game on the Solana blockchain, with a gameplay similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, a deep story and a vibrating community.

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LIving in a deep drem

Neo Tokyo Unicorn
Neo Tokyo Unicorn

Living in a deep dream

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