Doragon: Clash Royale P2E clone

By NeoTokyoUnicorn | Neo Tokyo Unicorn | 28 Dec 2021

Doragonland is a towers' defense strategic game, very similar in gameplay and feeling to Clash Royale.

A core feature of Doragonland is to be a Play 2 Earn game, developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC blockchain). Its token is named DOR: players receive the coin winning PVP battles, and can use it to buy NFT cards to empower their decks.

Clash Royale with P2E: sounds interesting? Well, because it is.

The game

The game is still in beta, but it is in a very advanced stage of development. All the core features are playable, it has very colorful graphics and a captivating character design.

If you have ever played Clash Royale, you will at a glance recognize all the mechanics of the game. You must defend your towers while trying to bolt your opponent's ones. Battlefield and game dynamics are specular to Clash Royale so, if you are expecting hours of addictive and fun strategic gameplay, well... this is exactly what you will get!

The deck


To play the game, just like in Clash Royale, you must create a deck of cards. Every card is a different ability you can use on the gamefield to defend or attack. Doragonland provides the full roster of actors you expect from a game like this: a massive Tank, lots of Damage Dealers, support cards with ranged or melee attacks, spells... we have the full playlist, no one excluded.

Being Doragonland a blockchain game, these cards of course come in form of NFT. You can buy the cards with the DOR token, and upgrade them with Gold, an in-game token used only to level up your cards. The aesthetic of the cards is really good and has been crafted by Thunder Cloud, a studio with a portfolio of AAA class collaborations.

The token

Doragon token

DOR is the token of the game. Players receive the token by winning PVP battles, and can use it to buy NFT cards. The token is also tradable on swaps and exchanges outside of the game. 

To avoid the awful farm and dump schema, Doragons' devs have provided the ecosystem with a staking option, with different rewards based on lock periods. 

DOR token is also needed to buy NFT cards to play the game, so there is a natural balance in the ecosystem that should prevent gamers for excessively dumping the token.

The marketplace

Doragon NFT marketplace

NFTs are traded in a very intuitive marketplace directly on the game's website. You can buy NFTS and the game immediately recognize cards added to your inventory. You can also import them in your Metamask


Overall, Doragonland is a fun and enjoyable P2E clone of Clash Royale. Entry price to play is not high as Axie or other seasoned P2E games, but it's anyway of investment size.

Knowledge of Clash Royale is required to achieve ROI.

If you never played Clash Royale it's better that you acquire a certain familiarity with its gameplay before investing in Doragonland.



This is not financial advising. The author is invested in the assets quoted in the article.


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