05-03-2020 in English

05-03-2020 in English

Good morning Italy.

Today I got up, I had my coffee and I listened to the usual news but with one more surprise ...

the Americans cancel their flights to Milan until mid-April !!

The French mock us.

Europe ... leave it alone, it only serves to listen to bureaucrats.

Well! I humbly ask the President of the Republic to intervene. Like? Simply with a speech to the Nation, perhaps with unified networks as it does for the beginning of the year. Support us and make your voice heard.

I ask the Italians to roll up their sleeves: buy Italian; show them who we are. Start canceling your travels abroad and fill our hotels; let's dress with our excellences; we eat Sardinian pecorino, Parmesan cheese and Sicilian oranges; buy our blue fish and drink our wine; let's help each other and don't post defeatists.

We will be pissed after showing that we are still able to get up on our own.

Italians are a force.

Grandmothers teach us how to save money, as they did in their day.

Let us strive to love this great nation!

Guys, we are in a media war.

We do not give them satisfaction !!!


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Nei giorni del Coronavirus a Torino

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