TopShot Releases New Reward Stars for Quest Moments

By Pequod_Curiousity | NBA TopShot | 19 Aug 2021

NBA TopShot has given us one more reason why you should complete the Okoro Quest (hurry up if you plan on it, the Quest ends this afternoon). The NFT collectibles announced that they will be adding challenge reward stars for completing the Okoro Quest, as well as a Collector Score (CS) bonus.

Any CS bump is always a nice plus, as pack drops are getting more and more competitive. Increasing your Collector Score can get you access to earlier tiers, meaning more chances to get in on packs.

But the boosted score is hardly the big news of this announcement. The challenge reward star is a nice way to boost the value of a moment — which is especially important since this quest reward will likely have a much less limited supply than previous ones.

It looks like this won’t be stopping with Okoro. The new reward star should be kicking in on future challenges and showcase quests as well. Just like badges, that means more value and a little more significance to marked cards.

The downside, it doesn’t look like this is going to be retroactive. Previously completed quests, at least for now, aren’t getting the reward star. Which is unfortunate if you’re hodling them, but is good for the collector base as a whole. It gives more incentive to keep completing challenges and quests as we go into Season 3 and beyond. It’s a nice way to keep us from being stuck only wanting Season 1 and 2 moments.


How Much Value Will The Challenge Reward Star Add?

If you look at badges, you can see they aren’t all valued the same. Top Shot Debut, First Mint, and Rookie Year badges are the big ones for boosting value, and they mostly matter when you have all three. 

Flynn Layup

For newer ones, like the Championship Year badge, how much value is added is yet to be seen. Will they appeal to collectors across the league, or just for fans of the championship team?

Gianni Block

Because they signify rarity inherent with limited editions of Challenge and Quest, the new rewards star-marked moments will likely have higher values. But, how much of that will be due to their inherent volume, and how much will be added by the star is still up in the air.

For the moment, we do know the stars aren’t going to hurt the value of the moment. So the worst case scenario is they add nothing. Most likely, they will add at least a little value. 

They won’t beat out Legendary LeBron cards, but challenge star moments are looking to shine.


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