A’ja Wilson NFT: First WNBA Moment Listed on TopShot

By Pequod_Curiousity | NBA TopShot | 26 Aug 2021

TopShot is celebrating the 25th WNBA season by adding WNBA moments to their marketplace. The move comes at a great time for TopShot. Prices for moments have started to climb again as a lack of drops and the end of Summer League have made collectors hungry for new moments.

The introduction offers a new chance to get in on history with the first women’s TopShot moments. The very first moment is already on the marketplace: an A’ja Wilson block and it is showing promising vibes.

A'ja Wilson MVP

Already, the Wilson moment is averaging sales over $180 and the lowest listing price (at the time of writing) is $100. That’s pretty good for a common tier card. 

In truth, we’ll likely see a bit of a drop in a few days on this specific card. The first WNBA pack drop is landing this Friday, and owning the A’ja moment is the only way to get in the priority queue that guarantees a WNBA drop.

Unfortunately for anyone who’s been collecting for a while, you’re going to have to shell out some dough if you want to get in that priority queue. The Wilson moments was only available to the first 10,000 new users of the platform in conjunction with the WNBA release. That means, if you’ve been collecting for a while, your only chance to get the card is in the marketplace.

Fortunately, you can get in on the action without owning the A’ja Wilson Moment.


How to Get the First WNBA Pack Drop

Your best chance is to get in on the priority queue, since that guarantees your spot. The Priority cue sets off at 2 PM (EDT) Friday August 27th. There are 75k packs available. But don’t despair if you can’t get in, the general queue has another 50k packs.

WNBA TopShot

TopShot Collectors fighting over the Wilson Moment to get in the queue. 

The general queue works like a normal pack drop, and kicks off a little later (4 PM EDT). You’re not guaranteed a pack, so I’m just gonna wish us all a bit of luck here.

If you still don’t have any luck, don’t worry you’re not out of the running from getting some cool cards just yet.

What’s Coming Next for WNBA Moments

If you don’t have the A’ja moment, and you missed out in the general queue, you can still get a piece of collectible history. Head on over to the marketplace and buy any WNBA moment.

Anyone who has at least one WNBA moment by Noon (EDT) on Wednesday August 30th will earn a Fandom Tier WNBA moment. This moment is about to come in clutch if you like completing showcases.

An upcoming Showcase Quest is going to reward collectors with A’ja Wilson’s first scoring point moment. To earn it, collectors will need at least one Fandom Tier WNBA moment, and 4 common WNBA moments.

Following this, we’re going to be getting a nice mix of moments, ranging from the 2021 season, to moments celebrating the 25 years of history in the WNBA. There is potential to pick up some really impactful moments this year.



First WNBA Moment: 

  • A’ja Wilson block
  • Available to the first 10k new TopShot signups or for sale in the marketplace

First WNBA Pack Drop:

  •  Priority Queue, 2 PM EDT Aug 27th - Must own the A’ja Wilson block (available to the first 10k new signups or for sale in the marketplace)
  • General Queue, 4 PM EDT Aug 27th: No guarantees, 50k packs available

Fandom Tier WNBA Moment:

  • Own at least one WNBA moment by Noon (EDT) Aug 30th

A’ja Wilson Scoring Moment:

  • Showcase Reward
  • To complete, you need 1 WNBA Fandom Tier moment and 4 WNBA Common moments

2021 WNBA Moments:

  • More packs to be released this year

25 Years of WNBA Moments:

  • To be released in 25th anniversary packs this year



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