The Plan

By naykdhodlr | naykdhodlr | 18 Jan 2024


Secret Plan

Prologue to what follows:

Compositions’ Reality

Popularity wave not the desire conceived,
By words written but, not widely believed.
Striving for literary voice; want to be heard,
Even if the message given, tends to disturb.

The subject matter often, not given to choice
But, that spoken by an intuitive, internal voice.
Scripted by subconscious reason that prevails,
Detailing unknown truths, conveyed as story tales.

Serving solely as purveyor of the written word,
Motivated by desire their meaning be heard.
Compositions compiled transformed to reality,
Freed forever, from the grasp of unseen banality.


Originated late 2009 inspired by events of the day projected toward a potential future that by some measure reads prophetically true to current history; what do you read?

            The Plan

A contrivance planned many millennia ago

Its end purpose, its end of goal

Is onto this Earth, to bestow

The reverence grace of only those – in the Know


Slow and insidious is this plan to unfold

Upon retrospective examination, it is the story being told

To conscript the masses as fodder and to pay the major toll

Calling up wars, imposing famine to insidiously exercise control


This elite, this pompous of heart

Their lineage of `blue-blood’ gains them a head start

Their privileged place amongst the fold renders a life el le-carte

Luxury, power and trivialness to acquire tasteless art


This plan, this plan to be purport

Still yet unfolds, not having reached, its final port

There are clues for all to see - but not the Media - to report

For it would be the sure undoing - of this criminal sort


So where is it going – when will its end-plan be reached?

It’s not to any one persons’ knowing – save those in the `driver’s seat

But one solution can be offered to win - over defeat

Is to tell of this herein secret, loud, wide and in the Streets!


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