Raping of the Universe.

By naykdhodlr | naykdhodlr | 31 Aug 2022




The complexity of this place we call Earth, home of humanity, is far too complex.  Beyond one mind’s ability to fully comprehend the diverseness and power of its being. 

On so many levels the intricacies of existence and its future are compelling to the inquisitive mind to analyze, evaluate and realize its truths of implication only to be confronted and confounded by the enormity of such a challenge.

This contemporary terrestrial existence burdened by self imposed strife and turmoil that lead some to question the veracity of its future, without restraint or contemplation of implication, now embarks upon a new path, a new realm to exploit and upon which mankind will imprint its tarnished presence: the constituency of SPACE.

The virginal and fertile riches of minerals and yet to be discovered benefits of the cosmos cause terrestrial capitalist to salivate at the prospects of unlimited wealth and power of dominance over the Universe and by default, EARTH.

Void of regulation and laws to dictate the parameters of ownership of this abundance, like the exploitive pioneers of the Gold Rush days during the early settlement of the Western United States, greed of wealth by claim of ownership is the order of the day. Some have laid claim to right of ownership to such spectacular pieces of real estate as the Moon and others asteroids selected for their prized and valuable mineral deposits ripe for mining.  These aggressive capitalists are taking advantage of non-existent and yet to be established rule of law governing right to ownership that would normally regulate such activity, the concept of `first come, first served’ principles so prevalent in the early 1800’s is the order of the day.  

It is fact that 10 percent or less of the Earth’s population possesses 95 percent or more of the world’s wealth. The technology that will further the exploration and exploitation of Space and further benefit this Elite is funded by oppressive taxes imposed upon the predominant middle class.  The rationale being that all will prosper and benefit: BULL-SHIT!



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