NATO: Itching for a Fight?

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Anyone with their ear to the `grind-stone’ has to be aware something ominous is brewing.

Tensions globally are ever increasing given the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has elevated the all-present fractures between Western Allied Nations and Eastern Alliance Nations stemming from the Ukraine-Russia conflict since February 2019.

Compounding these powder-keg situations is the National elections for many of the Countries involved resulting in potential changes stemming from changes to their leadership; raising the level of uncertainty as to foreign policy decisions post these crucial elections.

These elevated risks are made visible by mounting rhetoric concerning military readiness and the need for escalated recruitment efforts including potential conscription measures pronounced by major NATO member countries, and not to the exclusion of newest applicants Sweden and Finland.

As proof to the seriousness of the situation NATO’s planned war-game ominously titled: STEADFAST DEFENDER 24 referred to as the largest planned exercise in decades.


These tensions are not being ignored by European nations and the call for readiness loud and visible to those whom wish to take notice: ”British Army veteran Robert Clark issued a stern warning for the United Kingdom and Europe in a recent column published by The Telegraph.”


At this point the question that need be asked: `On what basis is this heightened `war stance’ rhetoric founded, and which Country, or Countries is the true instigator, and to what conceivable end?

To fully comprehend the situation at this stage of the gamesmanship being played on the geopolitical stage demands a review as far back as 2004 to current day. Suffice it to say the principles players led by the United States include NATO member Nations [Sweden, Finland], Ukraine, Russia and its regional allies.

As would be obvious Russia, from the Western perspective, is deemed the `Enemy’ to be reckoned with given fear a victory with Ukraine affords Vladimir Putin opportunity to fulfill his perceived but not confirmed ambitions, to re-establish the former Soviet State Nation. Of course this could only be accomplished by a full-scale conflict with NATO member States.  Link: Ukraine War: Three ways the Conflict Could Go 2024


The US defense aid package is held hostage by what President Biden rightly labeled "petty politics" in Washington. And the future of the EU's economic aid is seemingly dependent on Hungary's incongruous stance.

Hesitation in the West's capitals has emboldened Putin. His recent public appearances and defiant statements demonstrate that as far as he is concerned, Russia is in this for the long haul.”

As stated above, to fully comprehend these statements it is essential to understand who is the aggressor in these matters, and to do so, some historical perspective is necessary:

To this end: the collapse of the former Soviet Union came about with the understanding by formal agreement with then Soviet leader  Mikhail Gorbachev [1985 to 1991] and President Ronald Reagan’ Administration entered into formal agreement to limit NATO expansion toward the western border of then Soviet Union, now Russia:

Link: ”Declassified documents show security assurances against NATO expansion to Soviet leaders from Baker, Bush, Genscher, Kohl, Gates, Mitterrand, Thatcher, Hurd, Major, and Woerner Slavic Studies Panel Addresses “Who Promised What to Whom on NATO Expansion?” 


 NOTE: The following POLITIFACT `fact check’ refutes the truth to such agreement having taken place as claimed by Candace Owens article on the subject:


The pursuance of Ukraine as a potential member to NATO commencing as far back as 2004, in contravention to the established, historical agreement is the source to the conflict being engaged; essentially a United States proxy war with Russia. This to be exacerbated by the addition of Sweden and Finland to the NATO roster essentially creating a lethal military front on the western border to Putin’s Russia.    

In truth, there are several vectors by which global conflict can erupt; each with their `fuse’ ready to be lit. History has proven time and again: they whom cry the loudest for peace, most often are the perpetrators to the conflict.

In the end, ultimately, there are no winners! Centuries of pain and suffering inflicted upon a global citizenry is simply due to the psychopathic ambitions of those in leadership to nations, and the mindless minions whom do their murderous biddings.

Unfortunately, what has significant potential to unfold is this time, no different!


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