Does 'Will' Need a Miracle?

By naykdhodlr | naykdhodlr | 18 May 2022




Reviewing some poems dating back to 2010, it isn't difficult to believe what inspired the words then, is present now, and amplified. The words reflective, but in the end asking, questioning: if the Will exists to change, what is, and continues to manifest globally:


Miracle To Change

As the world spins on its axis tilt
Twenty-four hours of blood to be spilt

Humanity’s participants long for the day
Brutality and evil will have gone away

If history speaks as loudly as it does
Bullets and famine will win to love

Turbulence and ciaos reflected in the skies
Surprisingly some still naively ask `why?’

Though beauty of flora and fauna still exist
As casket wreaths it spoils their bliss

Mankind towards destruction seems inclined
What miracle to change Will, it have to find?*


*Edit Change 05-2022

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