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By naykdhodlr | naykdhodlr | 19 Dec 2023


Goodness Has Fallen



Those of us fortunate to occupy lands free from extreme violence of war(s), left to vicariously experience the pain of hardship and severe emotional trauma of loved-ones die horrifically, families being torn-apart, and struggle a modicum of sanity.  Though we can humble ourselves with honest effort to feel some depth to their plight, it can never do their true suffering, justice.

Soon to lapse through another Year, to enter into 2024 AD, one could only hope Humanity will transgress its propensity for violence on such grand scale as 2023 and decades prior have proven all too real, and in the most barbaric, and inhumane fashion.

For generations words: PEACE, LOVE & JOY fill a cornucopia of Christmas Carol lyric song, but they ring hollow in light of the toll of hardship imposed seemingly needlessly, for so many.

Let us give HOPE the guarded chance to express itself in fruitful and meaningful way in the coming NEW YEAR 2024, for everyone on this

Planet Space-ship Earth!  



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