Prose Poem: Kiss of Halo

By Charlie F.O | Writings | 9 Apr 2020


          Kiss of a Halo

             By C.M.F 


Life and confidence left me,

I had carried with me from overseas, thankfully not a physical disease.

the last girl I kissed influenced my lust forever contradicting what is meant to be.


A bit of a lonely life.

I am thankful for your kiss, your love and affection.

Held me, healed me and resurrected my faith in love.

Your eyes have illuminated my darkness, and your heart has transcended into mine.


Patience makes my teeth grind, my biological clock could not lie.

Fatal attraction led me to lust, but taught me not to trust.

The hormones and knowledge contradicted my mind.


I look back on these footprints of sexual lust.

When life was unstable, hormones just became confusing guides.


I cry inside and I am still frustrated.

Like the machine GUN FIRE in my head, I did not dream for these emotions to fire away.

We complicated love like no tomorrow,

passionate SEX that would leave us hollow.


When she passed away:

I never knew another soul could exist.

her death was unexpected,

The girl I kissed was not an ordinary kiss.

Months and Months pass by. I mourn and I heal.


I have faith and zeal.

God has its way,

Sequential timelines are filled with dashes.

I look at this vase filled with ashes.

Some angles are taken young,

As her halo continues to grow with fashion.


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Charlie F.O
Charlie F.O

Drone Pilot and Writer


Structured Poems.Creative Non-Fiction. Non-Linear Stories By Charlie F.O All photos and work is copyrighted.

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