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By Charlie F.O | Writings | 19 Aug 2021

I can't believe summer 2021 is coming to a close. How our restrictions and mobility changed so much as Digital Nomads and our liberties to be mobile. After a long route from Thailand 2020 , to Sweden and then to Spain where the pandemic wave caught up. It was a stand still in time from canceled flights to the toughest lockdown in the world next to Italy. As some of us eager to arrive back to our home countries to get the vaccine, no matter if we agree or disagree we noticed the eagerness to get back out to the world again. After a re-charge back home, my experience in Georgia from the past brought me to a writers heaven and also a digital nomad paradise such as cities of Batumi and Tbilisi. 


With 365 days visa free entry it's an opportunity to witness and forecast the world, in this pandemic . A great stand still of open apartment gems due to the pandemic in historic areas and negotiations of prices to help us be stationary in the long-term. 

It's been a wild ride in the crypto currency world, and for a country that has adopted or deemed "Crypto Capital of the World" many have flocked here not only for the cafes' but also for the cost of living, peace of mind, and the entrepreneurship spirit of opening small online business due to the open economy. I think Georgia is in a golden era for travelers , and much is not known to them for those that were attached to the likes of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc... 


All too long ago there was a crypto called "Cardano" the Georgian government adopted it surprisingly for diploma verifications at universities. 



I look forward to write more, as I get accustomed to the "Digital Nomad Life" once again. 


and I hope those effected by the pandemic are able to recharge their batteries ( No pun intended ) and come back out to the world and join the new era of a comeback- 


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Charlie F.O
Charlie F.O

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