Alphabet Poem: Conflict Reversible

By Charlie F.O | Writings | 3 Apr 2020

Conflict Reversible


by C.M.F



Zenith through Afterlife

Yankees Becoming

Whiskey in Cubes,

Xanax after Drinks.

Victory in Euphrates

Uniforms in Fallujah

Taken away Grounds

Simple Honor.

Respect Identity.

Quick in Joining

Paranoia. Kings

Overpower Lives

Numerous Men,

Mothers Nursing

Love, Over

Kind Pupils.

Justice in Quality

Identity in Respect

Holding Sequential

Generations, Turning

Fantasy into Unity.

Echoes of Victorian

Deaths, Wishing

Charm, not Xenophobia

By standards, Yellowstone’s

After Zillions.

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Charlie F.O
Charlie F.O

Drone Pilot and Writer


Structured Poems.Creative Non-Fiction. Non-Linear Stories By Charlie F.O All photos and work is copyrighted.

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