Cylum Finance Set to Help Crypto Investors Access High-Producing Investment Opportunities

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 21 Mar 2022

The volatility of the crypto market has made it imperative for investors to always be on the lookout for high-yielding investment opportunities. A report by Bloomberg revealed that since the peak of the crypto market in November 2021, the market has lost over $1 trillion of its market value. There have been a number of projects seeking to help investors remedy the situation, but it appears quite a few are making progress.

One of the top projects in the crypto space helping investors enjoy high-producing investment opportunities is Cylum Finance. A sustainable automation platform allows crypto investors to put their assets in investment opportunities with high returns. Aside from the investment opportunities, users can also earn Cylum token ($CYM) when they join the Telegram group and contribute to the community. These users can help with exchange and data listings, contribute code, and help manage community collaborations.

More Details about Cylum Finance

Cylum Finance is a DeFi 3.0 project with automated staking, compounding, and burn protocol. The project deployed an innovative approach to both Libero and Titano to sustainably ensure investors never lose their assets in any investment. The Cylum protocol only auto-compounds stablecoins like DAI, USDT, & BUSD.

The team always aims to expand the collective funds to support higher price floors, unlike many other Farms-as-a-Service (FaaS) projects that hold their money in native chain tokens like BNB, FTM, ETH, etc., Cylum stores funds in BUSD. The implication is that these funds will only appreciate in value and will not be affected by the market price volatility.

Users can earn 395,677% fixed annual percentage yield (APY) on the Cylum Finance platform. The protocol doesn’t have a minting code in its contract. Therefore, it will be impossible for the team to rug the project by minting billions of tokens for themselves.

The Major Features of Cylum

The Cylum project is built to provide great value and benefit to all $CYM token holders. There are three major features that set the project apart from the rest of the DeFi 3.0 projects; they include auto-staking, auto-compounding, and auto-burn.


Cylum uses its proprietary protocol to provide a decentralized financial asset. This asset pays the users via a sustainable fixed compound interest model. It is designed to make token payments worth 0.75% of the $CYM tokens in your wallet every minute of the day. It means that the amount of $CYM tokens in every user’s wallet increases every minute. All Cylum token holders will earn a whopping 395,677% compound interest for the first year without the tokens being withdrawn from their wallets. The compound interest rate begins to decrease after the first year.

The Auto-Staking Protocol

It is a state-of-the-art financial protocol that helps simplify and optimize staking. It also offers users what is arguably the highest returns in the crypto industry. Since the $CYM token is always stored in users’ wallets, the tokens don’t need to be transferred to any third party. All users need to do is buy the token and keep it, and they will earn rewards in their wallets. This process eliminates the need for any complex staking operations.


The Cylum protocol has what is called the “chimney,” which is an automatic token burn system. It helps to ensure the total number of $CYM tokens in circulation are manageable. The chimney burned/eliminated 2% of all the total token circulation at launch. Cylum Finance also has the “Cylinder,” which acts as an insurance fund. The job of the Cylinder is to ensure price stability and the long-term sustainability of the project by maintaining a stable price floor for all investors. The auto-burn serves as a supply/demand buffer for the Cylum token, increasing its value over time.


When market volatility has made many crypto investors lose their hard-earned money, Cylum Finance is offering them an excellent opportunity to earn mouthwatering returns on their assets. The marketplace is witnessing a revolution, and investors have the upper hand this time. For more information about Cylum Finance, click here.

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