ChangeX Brings CeDeFi to Crypto, Fills ICO Quota in just 25 days

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 29 Mar 2022

ChangeX is developing a platform that will blur the lines between centralized and decentralized financial systems, essentially connecting them into a single network. The project aims to achieve true DeFi composability, acting as a bridge between the blockchain and the end user, and paving the way towards true mass adoption by removing all barriers.

ChangeX filled their ICO hard cap quota in just 25 days - two months ahead of schedule, reflecting the project’s immense potential and flashing a strong bullish signal to investors. The public sale remains open until 31 May and anyone can still participate, with the ICO now entering into oversubscription territory. Investors and newcomers can enroll as many times as they like. 

Why ChangeX is needed

In the last 12 years since the Bitcoin manifesto was first published, the novelty that is crypto has seen its fair share of early adopters, enthusiasts, and deniers. While crypto was still considered a new thing in the domain of the tech-oriented, everything changed in 2017 when thousands of new projects were launched, propelling the industry into a new phase. The events of the past 2 years have also had major impact, with increased mainstream adoption seeing the rise of DeFi, NFTs, and now the metaverse, fundamentally changing how the world looks at digital tokens and coins.

Even with a trillion USD in market capitalization, cryptocurrencies can still be considered to be in their infancy. The industry faces various issues still, and more time and regulation is needed to clear them.

Scams are rampant, with people jumping into deep waters without adequate knowledge or having a reliable place to start from. While there are many safe platforms, finding the right one can be a problem, especially with phishing attacks and bad actors pretending to be legitimate.

DeFi, the most prolific of all crypto applications, is still a tough nut to crack for many. True DeFi adoption and utilization involves having in-depth knowledge of the space and its many building blocks, not to mention still largely inaccessible tools like  swapping, staking, and how to set up nodes, among other technical aspects. This is compounded more with the fact that with different blockchain networks that are not compatible or interconnectable, chain hopping can be a very tedious task.

Adapt and Improvise

While many may argue that cryptocurrencies are the future of finance and will replace legacy fiat systems, ChangeX is a platform that sees things differently. The ChangeX team believes that the traditional banking system is still too deeply-seated in our society and way of living. Crypto still cannot exist independently of fiat and, for true mass adoption to happen, the decentralized industry should adapt to work alongside the traditional banking system, not against it, striving for composability.

ChangeX’s solution is to act as a bridge between CeFi and DeFi, thus turning into a CeDeFi platform. Bringing crypto, DeFi and banking under one roof, ChangeX enables the next logical step in making DeFi accessible to everyone.

ChangeX’s wallet will be the centerpiece in this evolution. The wallet will be non-custodial, with built-in CEX and DEX functionalities, allowing users to store, trade and swap on multiple chains as easily as using a normal mobile banking app. With in-built DeFi capabilities, it will also allow users to borrow, lend and stake assets, without ever needing to operate multiple wallets or exchange accounts.

The wallet will also come with a personal IBAN and SEPA capabilities, providing an easy to use fiat-to-crypto ramp and serving as a personal bank account. This means users will be able to receive and hold their fiat directly inside their crypto wallets, buy crypto with fiat, pay for services, and in general enjoy all benefits of the SEPA system. An accompanying VISA card will also make it feasible to use crypto assets in the real world directly from the wallet.

ChangeX is also developing the first-ever Leveraged Staking product, which would allow users to stake assets with a configurable factor between 1.2x and 2x, offering unprecedented APR on PoS assets in the app. 

CHANGE the Status Quo

Powering the complete ecosystem is the native CHANGE token. Designed to increase in value over time, a portion of the total supply is burnt every time a crypto-to-crypto conversion is made in the app, with 30% of the fees being destroyed. CHANGE is thus deflationary, but harnesses the inflationary power of PoS assets in the app, providing APRs of 80.5% and up. With cross-chain staking, users will be able to stake assets on multiple blockchains, and the rewards will be paid out in more CHANGE. 

The CHANGE token distribution event is live, running until 31 May 2022. Available at $0.016 per one CHANGE and with a hard cap of $2.4M, there are a total of 150 million tokens up for grab in the ongoing event. 

The CHANGE public sale was sold out in 25 days, but the ICO remains open until 31 May. All investors wanting to enroll for CHANGE can do so as many times as they like and strengthen their position in the community. 

Preserving the crypto investments and providing a safe environment for investors and traders, ChangeX will literally “change” how the world will interact with cryptocurrencies, as it merges them with the banking system we are so used to.

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