Betnomi: A Troubling Bet Company with Unfulfilled Payments and Questionable Practices

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 17 Jul 2023

Betnomi, a betting company, has left many of its entrusted customers and employees disappointed due to lack of payment. That is if the employee completes the job Betnom fails to pay them and again if the customer tries to withdraw they are prompted with failed withdrawals and their customer care is not helpful by any means. In the trust pilot, many users have expressed their disappointment. In this article, we dive into how Betnomi has failed both customers and their employees. By doing this we are making a path clear for other people not to fall into such scams 

Promised Compensation, Unfulfilled Obligations

Many employees who have worked with Betnomi have felt heartbroken after putting in their hard work and the company failing to compensate them. Despite them having met the demand of the company in the most professional way the company has failed them by not meeting the agreed-upon terms. An individual shared how he got a job offer from the company and he completed it as they had agreed in the agreement only for him to face poor communication and lack of transparency when he demanded his rights. This has not only happened to him but many which has left them feeling frustrated and disrespected despite them putting a lot of effort and passion to complete the job.

Payment Issues, Restricted Accounts, and the KYC Quagmire 

In the trust pilot website, many users have left negative reviews about Betnomi, how it has failed them in the most hurtful way by restricting their account without any valid reason hence making them lose their finances. A customer by the name of Bencebod has expressed how he got disappointed after he lost more than 400$ due to the company activity. In a similar case in trust pilot, a user by the name Attila shared how he got limited after having won three bets and was prompted to complete his Know Your Customer(KYC) and it went on for days without them verifying his documents even when he submitted them. In addition to this another user regretted why he didn't pass through the reviews first, he went on and deposited $100 and he won 260$ Then the Betnomi team approached him and informed him that he had to complete his KYC which he did, and he submitted all the documents required that is personal documents including selfie, passport details, proof of address and proof of funds then the use was later accused of him having multiple accounts of which it wasn't the case.

These cases only raise alerts about the company's alarming activities.

Unresponsive Customer Support 

Imagine going for a job interview and then meeting a secretary who is not responsive and doesn't want to share anything of benefit with you regarding the vacancy you are applying for and even takes another step to mislead you hence you end up losing the position which you could have qualified for. Now that is Betnomi customer care support, in other words,” care” is not something offered at the table since many customers have complained and they have failed to provide meaningful assistance. One of the users, the name Takiteki in the Trust pilot, expressed how he got frustrated over a five days withdrawal delay which was accompanied by vague and unhelpful support from Betnomi customer care. This experience shows how a lack of accountability and openness is part of Betnomi's customer support.

A Call for Accountability and Transparency 

The increased account of failed payments from Betnomi shows that there is a need for accountability and transparency in any form of industry, either betting or any kind. Companies need to hold to their end agreement and compensate their employees and customers. Betnomi should recognize the importance of timely accountability and transparency to create positive working relationships and ensure trust with its employees and customers. Regulatory bodies should come and address Betnomi and hold them for their actions 


What other employees and customers have gone through after working with Betnomi shows a troubling pattern of negative reviews which shows a lack of transparency. In addition, Betnomi has been blacklisted by some sites due to failure to prioritize fair compensation which leads to undervaluing their customers and employees

Companies must hold their agreement and communicate openly to avoid cases like Betnomi. 

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