A Release of New NFTs: DarleyGo Games Comes Into The Show

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 21 Jan 2022

DarleyGo, a Solana-based horse racing GameFi project with a mythical theme that offers players the opportunity to use their NFT horses to play in a variety of game modes including racing (PvP), training, breeding and other exciting gameplay- options, recently announced the first release of their NFTs, the Genesis Horse NFT. 

Given the fact that NFTs are the new rave in town, acquiring one of such NFTs will offer the buyer bragging and exclusive rights to being one of the first owners of the DarleyGo NFTs.  How these NFTs work is that, first of all, the buyer acquires a Genesis NFT Card, then, this card is used to redeem a Genesis horse on the DarleyGo platform, which can then be bred, trained or raced according to the wish or desire of the user.

A whole new world is being opened to the participants of the DarleyGo game, as owners of the NFTs have the chance to get several times the value in the very near future. Also, as a reward for supporting its first release of NFTs, pioneer owners will have a greater chance of receiving rare horses in future drops. 

An Overview of the NFTs

The soon-to-be-released DarleyGo horse NFTs in the Genesis sale come from three bloodlines; the Darley, the Areo, and Hayato. Each of these bloodlines and horses come with unique abilities that are discovered when the user logs on to the Training Mode. 

One perk of owning one of these special breeds of horses is that the users will be given access to the DarleyGo Kavaia Galaxy, where they will have all the tools and features they need in breeding, training, and racing their horses, so as to heighten their abilities and increase their values.

For the sale of the NFTs which will be launched on the 23rd of January, 2022. Only 3,800 of these will be made available for the debut opening of sales on that day. 

The Genesis Card NFTs

As earlier stated, acquiring a Genesis Card NFT is like a ticket that affords the acquirer the opportunity to be one of the first 3,800 players to mint in the Genesis Horse NFT Drop. By owning a Genesis Card NFT, buyers can claim a unique Genesis NFT horse and enjoy many more exclusive Air Drops in the future. 

One of the benefits of being on the whitelist for the acquisition of a Genesis NFT card is that anyone on the whitelist is certain of being granted access to mint at least one Card fifteen minutes before minting is open to members of the public.

The sale of these NFTs will take place at Magic Eden, on the 23rd of January, 2022. So, ensure you save the date because you definitely don’t want to miss out! And the time is 12:00 PM UTC.

Something extra to take note of:

Drop Details

The distribution of DarleyGo Genesis Horses is scheduled to take place over a 5-year time span. The debut event taking place on Magic Eden on the 23rd is one of the drops that are to come for the Genesis NFTs. The distribution of the total supply for each horse's bloodline during the first drop is as follows: 

  • Darley: 40%
  • Hayato: 35%
  • Areo: 25%

As a reward for early backers, there will be a greater chance of getting rare horses than in future drops. After imprinting a Genesis card into a Genesis Horse NFT, owners can access the DarleyGo game and begin training their mounts into the ultimate contenders.

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