A New NFT social media marketplace platform Artrade starts Round 3 of its token sale

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 20 Jan 2022

The year 2021 may be over, but the mark that it left on the cryptocurrency industry will never be forgotten. This was the year that made the NFT sector of the crypto/blockchain industry go big, and in doing so, it forever changed the way in which people own and share digital and physical assets alike.

By shining the light on the NFT sector, this year also enabled the creation of metaverses, countless new projects, an increase in blockchain and crypto adoption, and more. Countless celebrities, companies, news media outlets, and others all started adopting NFTs, and while mass adoption is still far away, it is getting closer with every new step.

Among the many projects that the NFT sector has given birth to is also one called Artrade, which might be the key for the NFTs going mainstream. And the best part is that you can help contribute to that effort by participating in the second round of its token sale right now.

What is Artrade?

Artrade is the first application based on Solana blockchain that allows users to create, view, reference, keep, and buy Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs. Essentially, it is a new social media marketplace platform that lets you capture the best moments from your day, and turn them into NFTs by using nothing but your very own smartphone.

So far, if you wanted to make or even access NFT, you had to go through a process that is too complicated for mainstream internet users. And, as we have learned over the years, anything too complex is usually seen as intimidating, which discourages users from accessing it, and results in people giving up on the entire prospect.

Artrade knows that this will not happen if the NFT sector wishes to reach the mainstream, which is why it developed an app that significantly simplifies the process, and is accessible to everyone. You can use it to buy NFTs with the usual crypto payments, or you can even use your credit card to do it. 

The project solves another problem of the high cost of most NFT markets, which has been a barrier to entry for a lot of artists. And, on top of all that, it is also collaborating with ClimatePartner to certify that all of the CO2 emissions caused by the NFT mintage on the platform has been offset by validated climate protection projects, which results in the project being climate-neutral.

Artrade token sale 

So far, Artrade has already completed the first round of its token sale, which was dedicated to structuring the project. The funding was used for the development of V1 of the project, the opening of offices, paying for servers, developing partnerships and brand ambassadors, and the team expansion.

The project will enter the third round on January 21st at 8pm, it will be dedicated to the fintech side of things. The funding from this round will be used for the development of the exclusive NFT live functionality, development of the NFT real functionality, integration with other chains, partnerships with celebrities, financing works of art, and the expansion of its team and server count.

Users will be able to purchase ART for $0.04 per token with a minimum investment of $150. The project guarantees that the tokens will be 100% available, with no cliff or vesting. Users can expect only the best experience. All you need to do is follow this link, and sign up.

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