3 Reasons Why 2022 Is A Good Year To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

By Crypto Guys | Navid Ladani | 23 Mar 2022

In 2017, when bitcoin first approached 20 thousand USD, people kicked themselves for not buying it for 1 thousand. In four years, the history repeated itself: those without coins envied crypto investors amid BTC rise to $60 thousand. Bitcoin’ nature is built in a way that it will continue surprising market participants with its growth rates. That is why now is not too late to stock up on digital assets. 

In 2022, the crypto market is not limited to bitcoins. The crypto industry contains many digital assets, among which it is possible to find coins and instruments that meet every demand. We share the reasons why it is time to invest in cryptocurrency and ways to do it efficiently.

3 reasons to invest in crypto 

For those who doubt that it is a good strategy to invest in crypto, we share 3 reasons to enter the crypto industry.

1. High returns and growth perspectives

For a number of years, cryptocurrencies have been outperforming traditional financial assets by rates of returns. Let’s strengthen this argument by drawing examples on three cryptocurrencies that are the leaders by capitalization (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB), gold and S&P 500 index that tracks the performance of 505 largest by capitalization companies on stock exchanges in the US.  Let’s take the period from January 1 to December 31 2021. Here is how the price has changed, according to CoinMarketCap, TradingView and  Investing:


The comparison of returns on crypto with returns on gold or stocks strengthens the argument in favor of digital assets.

Among factors that speak for further price increase in the cryptocurrencies market, there are the following:

  • The trend for the financial market digitalization. Cryptocurrencies meet the demands of a modern user way better than obsolescent fiat.
  • The process of integrating crypto into the economy has already been launched. Here, let’s consider the example of the largest coin by capitalization, bitcoin. In September 2021, the market reached an important milestone – the Salvador government made BTC a national currency in pair with the US dollar. There is a good chance that other jurisdictions will follow the first-mover’s example.
  • Cryptocurrencies earned recognition by institutional investors. High volumes of crypto investments by large public companies speak for this fact.


Top-10 largest BTC investors among public companies. Source: buybitcoinworldwide.com

There are good chances that in the future, other large organizations will follow Tesla’s lead and invest in cryptocurrencies. The interest in digital assets among institutional investors can back up the price growth in the market.

2. Safety

In 2022, transactions with cryptocurrencies can be absolutely safe. To minimize risks, it is necessary to choose a project that passed the audit.

Currently, it is significantly easier to stumble upon problems working with traditional financial instruments that are controlled by a centralized organization. The bright example is the restraints that the client of Russian banks stumbled upon amid the escalation of the political conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. For half a year, people lost the ability to withdraw more than $10 thousand in cash from their accounts. In the decentralized market of cryptocurrencies, such restraints are not possible.

3. Convenience

There is no need for queuing or submitting identification documents to access the world of cryptocurrencies. It is enough to take an internet-connected gadget. Nothing else is needed to get necessary financial services 24/7 with any amount of money. Moreover, full automation of decentralized systems makes the process instant. 

In addition to that, cryptocurrency can become an effective way to get passive income. Let’s move to the ways to earn on digital assets.

Earning on cryptocurrencies like a pro

On the internet, there are lots of instructions on how to start earning in the cryptocurrencies market. Unfortunately, lots of them are outdated or contain not the most practical information. For example, authors of such guides often advise using services and platforms that are way too complicated for new entrants.

Labyrinthine interface, lack of assistance and convenient language settings can lead to errors. For example, lack of understanding of the platform functionality, the user risks to send money to a wrong address which can lead to losing funds.

In fact, in a technically complex world of digital assets, a user-friendly interface suitable for new entrants that learn about cryptocurrencies for the first time is a must have.

In the market, there are not so many platforms that seamlessly help users to enter the crypto sphere. One of such projects is BaksDAO. Let’s share why this project is worth noticing for market participants who wish to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The BaksDAO interface

BaksDAO is a multifunctional platform of the second-generation decentralized finances (DeFi) built on the Binance Smart Chain that guarantees low commissions and high transaction speed.

The platform differentiates itself among competitors with a user-friendly interface and support system with which anyone can enter the cryptocurrencies market and start earning.

Among other features, the platform allows profiting from granting loans. Here is how it works:

  • BaksDAO supports ВТСВ, ETH, BNB, WBNB, BAKS and USDT. It can be locked on the project’s smart contract.
  • BaksDAO will emit BAKS stablecoins backed by user’s assets for granting interest loans 
  • The interests accumulated on the loans will automatically hit the account of the cryptocurrencies owner every 3 seconds.

Important! A user can withdraw funds, including accumulated interests, at any moment.

Also, BaksDAO issue credits with favorable terms. This being said, the payback period is unlimited.

BaksDAO is safe. In January 2022, the project successfully passed the Solid Proof audit. Also, platform developers run a continuous bounty program that pays white hackers for looking for vulnerabilities in the project’s code.


In 2022, cryptocurrencies are not only gainful but also safe. There are many ways to start earning on digital assets but far from all are clear and accessible to new entrants. Thankfully, there are projects that aim to ease the entrance in the crypto industry. One of such projects is BaksDAO which team created a platform that helps to seamlessly start earning on digital assets already today.

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