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Rotting Pumpkin Sestina by Sly Fawkes


Image copyright Deedster on Pixabay


This snarky Sestina is composed by Aunt Cie's snarkastic pundit alter-ego, Sly Fawkes.


with a brain like the inside of a rotting

pumpkin, Dear Leader 45 takes the stage

spouting out misleading misinformation

telling his audience to mainline Clorox

"It will kill the coronavirus," he says

"You just change the pH balance of your blood"


never mind that he knows nothing about blood

please ignore the fact that his mind is rotting

or that he is just a ham who loves the stage

spreading deadly lies and misinformation

you'll die shooting up an I.V. of Clorox

you should not ever trust what Pumpkinhead says


our Dear Leader with rotting pumpkin brains says

he thinks you should inject bleach in your blood

to make the coronavirus start rotting

please do not concern yourself about the stage

leading to death from his misinformation

coronavirus is not cured by Clorox


you can wash dirty laundry using Clorox

please pay attention to what the label says

do not go injecting Clorox in your blood

for if you do, then you will soon be rotting

death can be anticipated at the stage

following Pumpkinhead's misinformation


a four-year onslaught of misinformation

the White House needs a good cleaning with Clorox

and since we can't trust what the red leader says

we need an injection of blue in the blood

this once-great country from within is rotting

get the pumpkin-headed ham off of the stage


hopefully, we have come to the final stage

of daily ranting and misinformation

clean up the rotting pumpkin stains with Clorox

and really hear the words each candidate says

we can't let their charisma poison our blood

scandal addiction leaves our country rotting


a scrubbing with Clorox

may relieve the rotting

it's time to clear the stage

~sly has spoken~

what does the fox say

Royalty-free image copyright Julia Henze purchased from 123rf.com

Content coyright 2020 by Cara Hartley   Please do not repost   Reblogging is acceptable on platforms that allow it.   Sharing a link to the poem is acceptable.   Quoting portions of the poem for educational or review purposes is acceptable if proper credit is given.  

NaPoWriMo: Write a poem about a fruit. I was initially going to compare Cheeto Stalin to the Annoying Orange but decided that a rotting pumpkin was more appropriate.   

A pumpkin is, in fact, a fruit. Here is a fun page that explains why. https://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question23511.html  

April PAD Challenge: Write a nature poem. I may have done the reverse of this because the Rotting Pumpkin-Head in chief is utterly unnatural.  

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