dying rose and glass of water

Ornery Poetry Story Time: Lotus Laments

glass of water and dying rose

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Always believing him out of her reach

There was a subtle trembling in her speech

Whenever she had something to report

As she daydreamed of being his consort


But dreams become nightmares for foolish girls

He stole a treasure more precious than pearls

Never could she believe he was that man

A cur in an alley grabs what he can


She believed him to be a righteous gent

Quickly from her heart was that belief rent

He was a doctor, she minded his kids

She is left with the guilt from what he did


Her innocence died upon that cold night

There is nothing on Earth can make it right


Lotus Lakshmi Martha Clifford

13 March 1963


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If all you wanna see is the poetry, this is is your stop. If you wanna take note of the notes, stick around!

I am very grateful to the folks at the Sunday Muse blog for providing this photo. It turned out to be the push I needed to get out of my stuck place with my WIP, The Ballad of Gerry Clifford.

Lotus is the older sister of the titular character. She was adopted into the large, loving Clifford family when she was six years old. She wrote this sonnet after being molested at twelve years old by the doctor whose children she babysat for.

If you would like to see more snippets from this and other stories as they develop, please click the following link to check out your options.


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