River Hiking - Rio Schiaviroli (Northen Italy) (part 2-to reach the riverbed despite of the tangled vegetation)

River Hiking - Rio Schiaviroli (Northen Italy) (part 2-to reach the riverbed despite of the tangled vegetation)

I have just written about Rio Schiaviroli here


While in other languages the word "Rio" stands for "river" in general, in the Italian language it has a specific connotation and it stands for a very small water stream.

The images published in the previous post showed a sort of small ditch full of vegetation where it was impossible to enter without taking the risk to get hurt from nettles and brambles or to fall down.



That was a part of the watercourse passing through an urban area so I decided to go back along the river path trying to find a place where it was possible to get off in the ditch.

First I followed what it seemed a path into the vegetation (Rio Schiviroli is on the left of the image).


I had to stop after some tens of meters as a farmer had blocked the passage with a fence and I couldn't go on.


There was no water in the riverbed but it was not simple to get off without the help of a rope (which I had not).


So I returned back on my steps, took a country road to arrive in the same place, but beyond the fence (the trees on the left mark the presence of the Rio Schiviroli).


I walk several hundred meters to check the best place to descend in the river that was a few meters below the countryside ground level.


Finally, I got it. I could walk on the riverbed as in such a kind of water stream the water is present only when it rains heavily.


The bed is coated with pebbles and boulders that are too big to be transported away by water flow. It seems to walk along a road but it is a river, a very small river. 


I find these kinds of places fantastic and adventurous: to walk some meters below the countryside level, along a road that is not a road, hidden by vegetation even if not so far from an urban area (some km).

During the short hiking, I met a dog that was running free and enjoying himself.

While I was returning back I found the owner that was looking for her dog to whom I gave Infos to achieve it.




All images were taken by me with a 5 MPx camera





I am Italian, over 50, interested in many things. geology, science fiction and cryptos

Nature tells tales: it is not fiction, it's Nature
Nature tells tales: it is not fiction, it's Nature

Rocks, plants, animals, landscape contain stories

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