Scarlet elfcup - a mushroom with a toxic appearance, edible, but is it tasty?

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 23 Feb 2024

However, the Austrian cup does not have any special taste, it basically has no taste or smell. Its feature that may appeal to gourmets is its cartilage, or its aesthetic qualities, because it looks nice and mysterious on the table.

The diameter of the mushroom cap in bloom can reach up to 7-8 cm. At first it is cup-shaped, and over time it takes the shape of a cup.

The inner part of the cup is a bright red, rusty red color with a lighter shade turned up edge. The underside of the mushroom is lighter in color and more pink in color. The surface is matte, slightly grainy.

Although it doesn't look like it, it has a very short leg. It grows from the wood in which it is deeply rooted. The color of the stem is similar to the outer part of the mushroom, i.e. pink.

The flesh of the mushroom is devoid of taste and smell and has the consistency of cartilage, which can be a great direction for marinating the mushroom in vinegar with spices.

We can meet the mushroom right now, in early spring, although it is a rare species. It likes wetlands, where there is a lot of decaying, decaying wood. Although it prefers mainly mountainous areas or warm places.

It grows most often in groups in the vicinity of willow, maple and alder. The mushroom is edible and unique.

Enjoy 😉

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