Rainy, almost autumnal, but is it mushroomy?

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 25 Apr 2024

It has become autumn and rainy, although summer is in full swing, it begs to write something about mushrooms. There are a lot of them in the forest now, but not necessarily edible. Nevertheless, they were, are and will be a grateful topic to write about.

There are many species of fungi that can be identified only on the basis of microscopic features. Mushrooms, especially mushrooms, are very similar to each other. They differ in details, sometimes even an experienced mycologist or an advanced mushroom picker has big problems.

Therefore, some species of mushrooms presented here will be deprived of a scientific description, and I will focus on their extraordinary beauty, and that's probably all.

There is no shortage of toadstools and the like, including many edible species valued by connoisseurs. A lot of arboreal mushrooms, but most of them are last year's fruiting bodies

Sometimes you will find a boletus edulis, but this is probably not the right time for this species of mushroom. In my location, the biggest harvest doesn't start until mid-September and lasts, depending on the weather, until the middle or end of October.

And sometimes only some toadstools and other inedible fruits of the forest

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Nature, Photography

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