Common dandelion, a weed with culinary and medicinal properties

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 1 Mar 2024

This weed, popular throughout Europe, Asia, America and Africa, has over a thousand varieties worldwide. Europe has about 200 of them.

It can be found almost everywhere in the spring. It grows on lawns, in gardens, parks, by roads, in forest clearings or farmlands, in ditches.

Dandelion, or dandelion, is an edible and even cultivated plant. In addition, it has a lot of healing properties. It is also melliferous and loved by insects.

Flower growth phases - here still like a bud

Slightly developed flower

And the flower in all its glory

What can we do with dandelion?

We can make homemade syrup from dandelion flowers, which supports the work of the liver, digestive and respiratory systems.

Also from the flowers you can make an infusion that supports slimming by limiting appetite.

In addition, we can make great fresh salads from dandelion leaves, just like lettuce leaves.

It is diuretic, which makes it great as a drug that cleanses the body. It improves kidney function and removes excess uric acid in gout.

The properties of this appreciated weed are enormous. It has an anti-diabetic effect, lowers the glycemic index of dishes and supports the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and slows down the absorption of sugar

In addition, it supports immunity, is used in skin diseases, and the root extract of this plant drunk in the form of an infusion shows anti-cancer properties in the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma.

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