A dangerous pest in our gardens - Naked snail, or Lusitan snail

By madventure | Nature, Photography | 19 May 2024




As soon as a little rain falls, it gets colder, and the air humidity is quite high, it appears - the Luzutan Snail. If only he would appear alone, but sometimes there are several hundred of them, and they are painstakingly, like a sandstorm, moving towards your garden.



When they appear in it, you should start fighting them and not wait, because an apparently slow creature can devastate any crop in a short time.



Like most snails, they like fresh grass, young leaves of seedlings, but they will not despise flowers, vegetables and fruit.


I treated this individual with a piece of bread, which turned out to be a tasty morsel. In a moment, several other amateurs of white bread showed up. I don't know how they find these treats. He devours it all with a grater in which he crushes the food.


The antennae serve as a navigation device for the cochlea, while the hole in one side of the cochlea looks interesting. It is a breathing apparatus.


This large brown snail without a shell can reach over 16 cm in length, although the specimens in the photo were probably young, not exceeding 6 cm in length.


The snail is not liked by rodents or birds, therefore it is safe in the environment. This is unfortunately a problem for allotment gardeners and garden owners who fight the pest using a variety of methods, including chemicals.



But there is one proven and ecological way to get a naked snail. He loves beer, such ordinary beer. Thanks to this, gardeners build traps for snails from vessels filled with beer.



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