Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Pycnoporellus fulgens


Pycnoporellus fulgens - One-year mushroom; semicircular, console-shaped, fan-shaped, attached to the substrate sideways and at the base, narrowed or spread-deflected. In groups, often arranged roof tiles.
Hymenophore tubular, apricot orange.

Cap fleshy; 50 to 100 mm wide, 5 to 30 mm thick. The surface is usually matte, uneven, radially wrinkled, wrinkled; when young, she is felted and rough, with age naked; orange, brick-red, with concentric stripes. The shore is sharp, usually curled, sometimes slightly wavy or jagged, yellow-orange or whitish.

3-5 mm long, single-layered tubes; internal walls often with white coating; cream-colored, apricot.

Pores diameter 0.4-1 mm, irregular, angular to the labyrinths; 1-2 per mm; blades in youth whitish, yellowish, orange-orange; with age, fragile, serrated, torn and fade.

The flesh is homogeneous, 2-25 mm thick; when young - juicy, spongy, apricot-orange; with age - fibrous; when it dries - corky, light, brittle. In reaction with KOH, it is dyed raspberry, loam red. Smell light, pleasant; tart, sour taste.

Occurrence: In deciduous and coniferous forests; on dead wood, especially spruce, fir, but also birch and poplar. It grows singly or in small clusters; from August to November. Pretty rare.

Value: Unaffected fungus.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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