Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Phleogena faginea

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 28 Jun 2019


Phleogena faginea - Mushroom 2-11 mm high, grayish, brownish; consisting of a head and a shaft.

Head diameter of 1-5 mm, spherical, rounded, sometimes somewhat flattened; whitish, ochraceous, ash-brown, ripe brown; surface sprinkled, grainy, as if flocculent.

Stem 2-8 mm high, 0.2-1.5 mm thick; cylindrical; whitish, brown, with age almost black, with a wrinkled surface, slightly fibrous; at the base, a white, felt mycelium is visible.

Flesh young elastic fruiting bodies, later with a dry consistency. Very strong and distinct smell of maggi, lovage, long-lasting.

Occurrence: On dead trunks of old deciduous trees, very rarely coniferous; in old, naturally preserved stands, in shady, damp forests and forests. It grows in the autumn in very numerous clusters, in more or less regular governments or colonies, also encountered in the winter. Very rare.

Value: Unaffected fungus.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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