Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Phallus hadriani


Phallus hadriani - Mushroom in the shape of an egg-shaped or spherical when young, attached to the ground with mycelial ranks of reddish-brown. During maturation, it reaches 15-30 (40) mm x 25-40 (60) mm, relatively soft. It is covered with a thick cover initially of an off-white color, which becomes salmonid as it matures, finally pink-red-purple. A head with a head is formed in the egg. During maturation, the sheath breaks irregularly, taking the form of a vagina from which an expanding stem with a bell-shaped head emerges at the top. The mature fruiting body is composed of a vagina and a long stem with a head. The smell was initially slight, later unpleasant, reminiscent of the unpleasant odor of the acidic bread crumb.

Height head 25 to 50 mm and width 15 to 35 mm. In the shape of a bell. Topped with a whitish shield, usually serrated on the edge, with a hole leading into the fruiting body. It is coarsely irregularly carved, ribbed corrugated, ribs 1.5 to 4 mm high. Between them and on them is the soil, ripe is mazisty, the colors of dark olive green. Gradually it becomes slimy and changes color to black and green with a sickly odor reminiscent of sour bread.

The stem reaches 60 to 100 (200) mm in height and 15 to 30 mm in thickness. White or yellowish in the upper part, slightly salmon-colored at the bottom. Cylindrical, equilibrium or slightly wider at the base, often with a wedge root. It is porous-spongy, with a wall made of several layers of cells, empty inside.

Occurrence: Outside the forest, in dune, dry sandy, parks, gardens, on lawns. Rare. From August to October.

Value: Unaffected fungus.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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