Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Hygrocybe chlorophana

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 23 Aug 2019


351665157-af3c1b5f04267954fdb3d2b50829bf0f49feafbb105aca24fd7cb4d0a7e1ecde.jpegHygrocybe chlorophana - Hat diameter 20-70 mm; young hemispherical, usually with a blunt umbo, but not conical, then spread out. Surface bare, smooth, waxy, silky shiny with age, when wet - slippery and slightly sticky; sulfur yellow, golden yellow, very quickly fading. The edge is wavy, slightly striped from translucent plaques.

Lamellae broad, adnate to the stipe, sinuate, sometimes notched or free; light yellow, lemon yellow, with a lighter blade.

Stem 20-80 mm high, up to 10 mm thick; cylindrical, narrower at the base, sometimes laterally flattened, with age hollow, smooth, shiny, when wet - slippery, sometimes very finely fluffed; sulfur yellow, orange yellow.

The flesh is thin, fragile, unchanging, yellowish. The taste and smell are blurred.

Occurrence: On the ground, in meadows, pastures, forest clearings - in the grass; especially in foothill and mountainous regions. Grows singly or in groups; from June to October.

Value: Inedible mushroom.

Protected - very rare


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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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