Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Hygrocybe calyptriformis


Hygrocybe calyptriformis - A hat 30 to 70 mm in diameter, young, sharp-conical, like a pointed cap, edge adjacent to the shaft; later conical, outstretched, with the center still pointed and strongly curled, undulating edge. Matt surface, smooth, slightly radially fibrous, water-absorbent; pink, pink-red, salmon, pink-violet. With age, the edges strongly radiated, cracked up, and the peak faded.

Lamellae thick, gray-eyed, bellied, rarely set, with a slightly serrated blade; pale pink, salmon, pink-red, fading with age, almost white.

Stem 70 to 120 high, 6 to 12 mm thick, even, narrow, hollow; dry, glabrous, longitudinally fibrous on the surface; off-white, pinkish.

The flesh is very fragile, thin, white, only pinkish at the top of the cap. Mild taste, imperceptible odor.

Occurrence: On meadows and pastures, in grass, in foothill and mountainous areas. It grows individually or in groups, from August to October. Rare.

Value: Inedible mushroom.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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