Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Entoloma vernum


Entoloma vernum - Hat diameter 25 to 50 mm. Olive-brown, brown to black-brown in wet weather, fading with radial streaks to a pale gray-brown and silky shimmering when dry. The shape of the young fruiting body is bell-shaped or obtusely cone, with a pronounced umbo, later flattened. Surface smooth, hygrophanous, covered with delicate adnate fibrils. The shore is rarely grooved.

Lamellae 4 to 5 mm wide, rare. The colors are initially pale gray, later with salmon-pink shade, pinkish-brown, when ripe usually on the blade irregularly ribbed and jagged. Near the stipe, it is adnate, rounded.

Stem 30 to 60 mm long and 3 to 8 mm thick. Often twisted and flattened, fragile. Hue similar to the hat, at the base, felted, white. Naked surface, delicately longitudinally grooved.

Flesh thin, whitish, dirty white, slightly mild non-specific, no special flavor.

Occurrence: In luminous deciduous and coniferous forests, in the grass near the edges of forest roads, in places gregariously, from March to May.

Value: Toxic mushroom.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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