Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Boletus badius



Boletus badius - The hat reaches a diameter of 30 to 150 mm, it is brown, chocolate, dark chestnut, brownish brown, brown, almost black at birth (hence the common name "black head"); young fruiting bodies have a hemispherical shape, which with age changes into a flattened, spread, up to the cushion-shaped old specimens; the surface is matte and slightly mossy, but it can also be smooth and shiny, slightly slimy in the rain; the skin does not separate from the pulp; the shore has been curled up for a long time, and for the older fruiting bodies it is sharp.

The tubes have the same color as the pores; they reach up to 10 mm in length; they are adnate to the stipe and partly concurrent; after compressing green.

Pores in young sporocarps pale yellow, with age greenish-yellow to dirty brown-green; after compressing or cutting they blue; they are small in young specimens, and with age they are larger; round, angular.

Stem reaches from 30 to 120 mm in height and from 10 to 50 mm in thickness; it has a light yellow color, against which there are darker, ocher-brown, oblong fibrils, no reticulate; equal, club-shaped, spherical, narrowed at the base, which is often covered by a white mycelium; it is often bent; full; fleshy, fibrillose; on the surface smooth or slightly mossy.

The flesh is whitish, creamy in young fruiting bodies, with age darker - yellowish; after cutting it quickly turns blue, but under the influence of air the discoloration disappears quickly; pleasant, fungal, slightly fruity fragrance; mild taste.

Occurrence: from June to November in coniferous forests, especially under pines, and in mixed forests, often gregarious, very common.

Value: very tasty edible fungus, usually harvested due to the ease of recognition and very numerous occurrence.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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