Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Auriscalpium vulgare

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 21 Jun 2019


Auriscalpium vulgare - Gray-brown hat, beige-brown, yellow-brown, red-brown, dark-brown to blackish; in young fruitbodies on the edge lighter, rolled up; reaches a diameter of 5 to 20 mm; it is flat, semicircular, kidney or convex; thin and gently zoned; surface haired - felt, covered with densely raised hair.

Hymenophore barbed; spines bright, later flesh-brown, protruding, densely arranged and descending on the shaft

Stem dark brown, brown, well educated, thin; lengths from 40 to 80 mm and up to 3 mm thick; adnate laterally or eccentrically; thickened at the base and tapering upwards; surface roughly hairy.

The flesh is whitish or light brown, in young fruiting bodies; later it turns brown; gingerly - leathery; flexible; there is no specific taste and smell.

Occurrence: quite common in pine and mixed forests; occurs throughout the year, but fresh fruiting bodies appear from May; grows on fallen pine cones (rarely spruce); specimens that have been wintering are black and brown and are often covered with green algae.

Value: inedible.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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