Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Astraeus hygrometricus

Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Astraeus hygrometricus

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 24 May 2019


Astraeus hygrometricus - A young round mushroom, 20 to 40 mm in diameter, completely or partially submerged in the substrate. Mature, spread to 120 mm in diameter. Peridium thick and quite hard.

The outer layer (exoperidium) is three-layered, hard, outside brownish-brown. It protects, breaks on 4 to 20 triangular arms that are shifting outward exposing the head. Shoulders long, narrow, thick, pointed, leathery, brown; often cracked.

The inner layer (enderidium) in a spherical or spherical shape, sitting, up to 30 mm in diameter, rigid-parchment-like, usually smooth with a reticular structure. Light gray, beige, with an irregular hole, mouth spores, at the top.

Soil when matured with earth-brown color without nibicolumella.

Occurrence: On the ground, in pine and mixed forests, on the edges of forests, in dry, sandy and sunny places. It grows solitary or gregarious; from July to November. Very rare.

Value: Unaffected fungus.


Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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