Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Amanita rubescens


Amanita rubescens - The hat reaches a diameter of 50 - 150 mm; it has a bright red-brown color, when the elder with red-brown patches, a verrucous surface; smooth edge.

Plaques free, convex, white, older in red spots.

Shaft of size 80-200 x 10-25 mm, white, light-red, covered with fine wisps, with a narrowed peak; it is full in young sporocarps, later it becomes wadded; ended with a bulbous or club-like bulb at the bottom, often with rows of small warts.

The ring is large, obliquely striated, white or pink.

White flesh, reddening after cutting the fruiting body, both in the hat and in the stem.

Occurrence: common in deciduous and coniferous forests, and even outside the forest in meadows; sporocarps grow from June to November.

Value: one of many edible toadstools, however, it should be collected by experts, due to the possibility of confusion.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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