Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Amanita pantherina


Amanita pantherina - A hat with a diameter of 40 to 120 mm, brown, brown gray, brown yellow, although there are also albinos. Surface covered with white wisps, patches, usually arranged fairly regularly; after rain can be naked and slippery. The shore is clearly striate, especially in mature individuals.

Plaques are thick, free, soft, white.

Stem up to 50 to 140 mm high, up to 20 mm thick; white, quite chunky, with age slender, cylindrical and brittle, wider at the bottom. The area of ​​the stem shiny, white, over the vagina scaly, verrucose. Initially full, with age empty. The tuberous base thickened, surrounded by a thick, adnate sheath in the form of one or several rollers with even, uncrossed edges - like a curled sock.

Ring hanging, membranous, smooth; disappearing with age.

Flesh thin, white, unchanging, fragile. The smell of the so-called basement, reminiscent of potatoes or radishes; taste mild, sweetish.

Occurrence: In deciduous and coniferous forests, most often on sandy glazes. It grows from July to November. Common.

Value: Toxic mushroom.


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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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