Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Agaricus campestris

By marianomariano | Nature - mushrooms | 29 May 2019


Agaricus campestris - Hat diameter 30 to 120 mm; young almost spherical, closed; later hemispherical to spread. Surface dry, smooth, shiny, silky, radially fibrous; in the middle, sometimes cracked into thin, brownish, adhering scales; white, sometimes slightly yellow in color, with age after compressing slightly brown. The shore was tucked for a long time, young slightly hollow, then scarred.

Gills thick, free, blades smooth; when young pink, later dirty pink, chocolate-brown, black-brown.

Stem 30 to 100 mm high, 10 to 25 mm thick; cylindrical, slender, sharpened at the base; lightly fibrous surface, white, sometimes slightly pinkish, with age at the base rust-brown.

The ring is narrow, membranous, poorly educated, unstable.

The meaty flesh, white in color, after cutting slightly pink. Smell pleasant, fungus; mild taste.

Occurrence: In meadows, pastures, fields, gardens; rarely in forests. It usually grows gregariously, from May to October. Frequent.

Value: edible fungus.

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Nature - mushrooms
Nature - mushrooms

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