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Many of us spend our lives watching the things that are most appearer but we never pay heed to these insects,and sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we kill them.There are millions of species of organisism,but we know nothing about them.They have segmented bodies and jointed legs.Mostly insects have three parts of their bodies,Head,Thorax and Abdomen.



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Ants,houseflies,mosquitoes,bedbugs,pests,beetles,butterflies,bees and moths are the insects which we mostly observe around us.Majority of the insects are small but some of them can be as large as 10.6 inches.Some insects bites human beings,damage crops and can be dangerous for us but still it's really interesting to know about their different species.

Dominant insect


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As the 🐜 ants are dominant insects of the world,these orange lil insects always mesmerises me.❤Insects are living metaphors for me,I love all kinds of insects,and I have heard Australia has some really interesting bugs.❤

Role in nature


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Insects plays important role in nature as they provide bacteria and fungi during decomposition and for plants they provide pollination.For some insects,they are a great source to get their food,actually they are predator for them.They are also useful for human beings as we can get honey from bees and silk from silkworm insects.Inshort they help us in many ways.

Smartest insects

Do you know which insect is considered smartest of All?

Honey bee

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Yes,Its the most active community.I always gets impressed to see the way she collect nectar from the flowers and return to its hive.The stomach in which it collects honey is different from the other one.

Even the little insects try to move towards life.Oneday I saw a grasshopper with broken legs but he was still trying to fly again and again.I was very sad to see its plight but nothing could be done.

Inshort Insects also has a important role to play in this universe and have profound impact on humans.What do you know about insects, share in the comment section.

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